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Ode to Wheatgrass

(To the Tune of “Do Lord”)


Wheatgrass, O wheatgrass, Ha! You are my friend,

Wheatgrass, O wheatgrass, my bud through thick and thin,

Wheatgrass, O wheatgrass, you’re getting under my skin,

Way beyond the blue,

Verse One:

I taped you to my elbows and taped you to my knees,

I put a small glass, over my eyes, n’ the Sandman visited me,

I snorted a little up my nose and said, Whoa! thank you please.

Love all the benefits of you,


Verse Two:

Don’t stop your healing virtues, to eliminate and clean,

I know with each new implant, my body feels supreme,

I’ve juiced so much wheatgrass, I’m a juicing machine,

Just the smell of you,

Verse Three:

Your taste is so delicious, your smell is “Oh, divine”,

I can’t wait to get back home, and drink you all the time,

So this is my story and wheatgrass is my dream,

Now, I’m clean and lean,


I just love you wheatgrass,

I love the smell of you,

I love all the things you do,

You’re a superfood,

You help digestion,

You lower cholesterol,

You lower blood pressure,

You even boost immune system,

I just love me some wheat grass,

Gives me energy,

It rejuvenates me

and I just feel refreshed,

O, I love me some wheat grass,

You’re my friend, through thick and thin,

I love all the benefits that you,

You just keep on working,

On the inside, on the outside,

Grow some hair,

heal my diabetes,

stop the ringing in my ears

Thank you wheatgrass,

O, I love you,

and I’ll just keep on drinking you

If you take care of wheatgrass,

wheatgrass will take care of you,



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