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Let Me Be The Sacrificial Lamb

"Let me be the lamb not afraid to die, let me be the lamb holy purify;"

Let me be the lamb that takes away the pain,      

Let me be the lamb, to fix ‘Me-Too’ shame,

Let me be the lamb blotted from the Book,

Let me be the lamb like Moses who spoke;

Let me be the lamb not afraid to die,              

Let me be the lamb holy purify;

Each time has a sacrificial lamb,

For Abraham, the ram fixed Issac’s jam;

Another hill, the Lamb hung on a cross,

And bore the sins of humanity’s loss;

The onus falls, on this guard in the gap,

For all men who’ve given women crap;

Women let not anger cause your veins to pop,

Get your arrows out and shoot your best shot;

Hit the lamb for the times you’ve been burned,

Hit the lamb again for calls never returned;

Hit the lamb for dirt that turned your heart cold,

Hit the lamb for tales that may not be told;

Hit the lamb with belts that crushed your self-esteem,

No one should dismantle another’s dreams;

Hit the lamb with razors that cut widespread,

The lamb needs to feel the anguish of dread;

Hit the lamb from the beginning to end,

The lamb warrants the root of your grieve,

Hit the lamb with what caused you to descend;

The lamb deserves the blame given to Eve;

Give the lamb your bitterness and contempt,

I’ll take the mantle, for the male attempt;

I hope when the lamb’s penalty is paid, 

You will preserve with spiritual upgrade;

When men incarnate the gift of this lamb,

Shed egos and the need for power scam,

We will with heart, level this playing field,

Get back to what it really means to heal.

Let me be the lamb not afraid to die,              

Let me be the lamb holy purify!


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