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Author of Seasons of the Heart
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Have You Fed Your Heart Today?

Seasons of the Heart will resonate with readers, helping them find God's comfort and resilience needed for the moments of spiritual and physical challenge, common to our human experience that are often unplanned and unannounced.

Feeding the heart is essential because our issues of life; our actions, works, pursuits, are merely byproducts of who we are on the inside, which emanate from the heart. The riveting selections contained in this book are designed to bring the solace, resolution, and healing we need to engage our Twenty-first Century, fast-paced, digital world.
Here, you will find nourishing food for the heart that will transform, empower, and encourage you as you experience God's divine spiritual and emotional healing. 


"Real. Human. Poignant. Colorful. Joyful. Playful. These adjectives describe the spirit-filled poems of minister, chaplain and poet, Robert Thomas. Rev. Dr. Thomas eloquently expresses the tender slices of life through a spectrum of feelings and intentional words. He delves into the diverse states of being, from pain and suffering to elation and enthusiasm, with sincere understanding and empathy. His poems are powerful nourishment for the soul."

Deanna Minich, Ph.D., Nutrition

Researcher & Author, Whole Detox

"Robert Jerome Thomas (affectionately, Chaplain Thomas) takes us on the journey of a courageous spiritual warrior. Healing and honest, his intimate, poetic memoir is a celebration of nature, spirituality, love, vulnerability, health, and experience. Chaplain Thomas feels like a trusted friend and teacher, offering comfort and wisdom for every season of our lives. In today's modern digital world of stress and time constraints, Seasons of the Heart reminds us that we can find peace in the present by feeding our hearts and minds."

Nasstassia Lionakis, M.S., Entertainment Business

Founder & Host of Spoken Word Revolution

Seasons of the Heart Book Release

Seasons of the Heart Book Release

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